Welcome to Fished Her Wish!

Hi everyone!

If you are new here, and have just stumbled upon my little shop, I'd like to welcome you and give you a little insight into my shop, who I am, and what we're all about over here.   My name is Kristin, I'm a stay/work at home mom of three,  and I live in Florida.  I was born in Philadelphia, and my family has been there for generations (OG Fishtowners). I love Philly and absolutely attribute much of who I am to where I come from - including my entrepreneurial spirit that was ignited early selling soft pretzels on the corner in my neighborhood, so there's definitely still some Philly grit in my Florida girl flipflops.  I also love all things surf, sun, and sea which inspired me when I created my shop years ago on Etsy - then I went through some major life changes including a divorce, meeting the love of my life, and having two more babies, so now I'm a certified baseball mom and a card carrying minivan driving PTA Mom.  Things with Etsy got a little messy, and although I LOVED that platform and all the organic traffic I got there when I was making handmade crafts, it no longer worked for me as my shop grew and changed and that brought me here to my own website. 

To me, Fished Her Wish is all about creating the life that you want - even if that looks nothing like you thought it would, or what others think it should.  It's about sharing who you are with the world, being comfortable and confident in your own skin, and finding comedic relief wherever you can.  Many of the products you'll find on my site are inspired by our daily life, being a mom, raising kids in this crazy world, and trying to find joy in the little things.  It's important to me to offer a wide variety of products that work well as gifts for others, or for yourself - in a wide variety of sizes, at a fair price.  Whether you're driving a minivan or a hippie van, I hope you find something that's just right for you!  We love to hear from our customers, so please feel free to reach out with any thoughts, questions, or ideas!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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